Assisting in Dispute Resolution


Hello, I am Debra.

I am a Yukon based mediator who also provides investigative services and administrative justice training to boards and tribunals. From 1988 – 2019, I practiced as a civil litigation lawyer with a focus on personal injury claims, employment disputes and labour union matters as well as administrative law cases and First Nations matters. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my work as a lawyer and appearing in court, but increasingly found that my clients were most satisfied when we were able to resolve their cases through mediation, outside the adversarial process. My clients liked that they were able to participate in the resolution of their cases and that the resolution process occurred quickly and cost-effectively.

For myself, I appreciated the positive dynamic of the mediation process where people are able to identity their interests and open themselves to alternative solutions that allow them to resolve their disputes and move on with their lives and work. In the same way, I discovered that training board members and staff and carrying out fact finding investigations were also positive and a good alternative to the adversarial process.

As a result, when I left my career as a lawyer after 31 years, I decided to focus exclusively on assisting people and organizations either in dispute resolution or training and fact finding investigations. I look forward to continuing to work in the dispute resolution field.

My Services.


I can assist when disputes arise or negotiations break down and parties need the assistance of a neutral third party to help them resolve their differences.

I can help the parties identify their interests and collaboratively explore options to achieve resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner.


From time to time, in the workplace or other areas of  human interaction, conflicts can arise that require investigation by a neutral third party. I can investigate conflicts and complaints and provide fact finding reports.



I can provide training to individuals and tribunals on the roles and responsibilities of the various participants in administrative and quasi-judicial proceedings whether they be staff members, decision makers or parties appearing before tribunals.

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Assisting in dispute resolution.

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