Bookings & Rates



(4 hour minimum booking)

This Includes:

Preparation, review of briefs, expert reports and other documents
provided by the parties, and pre- and post session and correspondence.

 If the session exceeds the reserved time, the hourly rate will apply to any excess hours.





Includes all charges for travel, hotel, facility costs, catering, telephone, technical support services.


Any travel more than one hour will be charged at 50% of the hourly fee.



I will charge the fee equally to all parties attending the session subject to any agreement between the parties to split the fee in another manner. 

 However, the parties and their lawyers are jointly and severally responsible for the payment of the account for the session (fees and expenses) including any cancellation expenses, regardless of any agreement between the parties.

 I will send an invoice shortly after the conclusion of the session.

 5% GST will be added if applicable.

Book a Session


Cancellation fees will be charged if the session is cancelled with less than 5 business days notice. 

 If cancelled between 3-5 business days of the session, 50% of the fee and any non-recoverable disbursements will be charged.

If cancelled within 2 business days or less of the session, 100% of the fee together with any non-recoverable expenses will be charged.

*Rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change*


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